An Unusual Dance

Kait looked around the oddly dressed crowd and made her way to a corner to look on rather throwing herself into the fray

Lady Ya slipped into the crowd then half naked, well perhaps fully so. Without the yards and yards of fabric that had concealed her charms to the city …concealed by the blindfold she wore. Voice not able to be heard. Those dulcet tones that had castrated men from left to right as skillfully as any scalpel. The rode the freedom of her naked vision, protected by the belt only she had the key to. The freewoman played slave for the night….

Kait pushed the mask up securely before she begin to sway to the music.  It couldn’t hurt a bit she reasoned as none knew who she was and judging from the many exposed women and men she would draw little attention. She begin to sway a bit more then she easily mimicked the moves of the almost nude women closest too her…what a freeing experience.  She didn’t even for a moment consider who the woman might be.  Grimacing as she felt the wig dip to the left after one adventurous swivel of her hips and low dip to the colored tiles. “I don’t suppose you have ever taught slave dance girl. You do seem to be a natural”

Lady Ya twirls looking over at the woman that was obviously her ex’s current paramour. “Tell me something, has he made you his silent slave yet?” she said mysteriously

Kait blushed a deep red spurred by recognition of the slender woman, “And if he has…what would you know of such things. It is not a role that I envy any woman who wishes to remain free.”

Treissa licks her lips, grinning wickedly at the new found entertainment, hearing the two women that are dancing verbally spar.

Lady Ya totally ignores the woman’s jibe knowing if she is at a certain point in her relationship with the man they have both known. Her arm slipped around the woman dressed in a kimono, she swung her about as easily as a man might…”want to know what come next? I think he might actually be predictable… least with me…we were companioned. What unable to get him to drink wine with you?”

Kait couldn’t help but laugh even as they twirled in tandem. “What gives you the impression that I ever wished to share wine with the man. Perhaps I only thought to see just how far I could take things and hold on to all I cherish…possessions, coin, business….freedom. Do you believe that free companionship is somehow a step up from slavery? The noose you wear is only of a different kind and as you well know…you put out just the same with that man.”

Lady Ya looked closer at the Lady Kaitlin, leaning close to whisper…”He sent me to a pleasure house to become more pleasing…but then perhaps you are more practiced than I” She took the other woman’s hands, winding her arms about her from behind. “There is more to come…if you can keep his interest, she said falling as Kaitlin mounts her…the slut!!

Kait wrestled with the woman none to gently as they both went down in a tangle of her dress. Despite the fall she hadn’t miss her words at all. “I suppose you would have needed a bit of training to keep such a man interested. It seems my fortune or misfortune to naturally have the talent that keeps him coming back for more.” She didn’t bother to mention his extended absence of late.

Lady Ya grins at Kaitlin’s obvious assurance. “I am will to bet he has you kneeling in bracelets by now…what puzzles me is how long it has taken him to make his move. But once he starts…he is relentless!”

Kait gave the woman a cutting glance and pulled her closer roughly, “And what would you know of that Ya? I have yet to admit such to you and perhaps…just perhaps he has changed.” She was glad she had worn a gown that covered almost every inch of skin since there were bound to be telling marks that proved her to be a lie.

 Lady Ya looks over at the woman. Well not robes of concealment but I see you still cover well the extra sugar. Then leaning closer to her…she whispers. “Where does he mark you pray tell?”

Kait had her first moment of nervousness since they had begun the dance, in a manner of speaking. She shrugged her shoulder to ensure the oddly made dress offered some level of coverage and half lifted her hand with the intent of touching her neck but she dropped it quickly hoping the woman hadn’t seen either movement. “You were always the inquisitive sort. Perhaps it is time you tell me more of your experience rather than this comparing of notes that always leaves me at a disadvantage”

Lady Ya slipped her hand around the woman’s neck drawing her to her quickly . “But where would be the fun in that? Barat has told me of his interest in you, and that he will not re-companion with me because of the interest. But he does talk with me and he does…share his concerns about his daughter with me. He trusts me, dear. As much as he is able to trust any woman.” Ya turned her face kissing Kaitlins cheek like a sister. “Maybe you will find yourself kneeling next to me one day…on his chain.”

Kait pushed the woman roughly away as if the touch of her soft lips had scalded her skin. Was she reading her mind in some fashion or another? In those moments on her knees she had gotten a glimpse of her future with Barat if she stayed with him. “You speak boldly of a future in bondage. I have been running from that fate since I was a child and had the luck to be chosen to be kept rather than sold. Do you imagine I will contemplate such a life and give up all that I have? I won’t! As to his daughter there is more that has been learned.”

Lady Ya gives a sidelong glance to the woman , through the blindfold. Who said bondage, dear. He does not want the care and feeding of a slave, he just likes the side benefits, have you not figured that much out?” Chuckling now…”You will come to heel soon enough, I did”

Kaitlin had stopped swaying. She had much to think about after the eventful morning with Barat and now this woman’s words that only confirmed her own fears. “What a man says and what a man does are often two different things Ya. You would do well to remember that. Perhaps it is not Barat that I fear but myself. One can only go so far down a path before there is no return as you are hopelessly lost. That is how that man makes me feel….lost.” She stepped away and did a bit of a bow to the woman for the dance on the tiles and the usual dance of words. “Chain sisters…Ha. I always knew you were a bit delusional. Until next time Ya. Be careful in the city…there are rumors of unrest with this change in Ubarate.” She didn’t know how much the woman knew but she felt she owed her at least a warning.

Lady Ya smiles…”yes I will be careful…and you as well”


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