Zander and Kait Renew


Zander smiles seeing his companion was finally dressed and ready for whatever the evening brought “Perfection takes time I see my Kait, you look scrumptious” giving her a playful wink as she enters the room

Kaitlin Riverstone smoothed the varied layers down self consciously. She had taken time to dress as formally as possible leaving much to his imagination which he had to be using at the moment given his words. “It seems a year has come and gone Zander. Or at least that will be true in a few ahns time.” She held up a box she knew would be familiar to him. It contained the finely crafted goblets he had gifted her with while they were in Ar.

Zander had completely missed the box she carried having concentrated on her hidden curves. He was used to her carrying their daughter, “I’m glad you remembered Kait! A whole year has passed and you’ve accomplished a lot this year! Travel, a change of Caste, a healthy gift in Brielle! I much prefer the outcome of this year than the previous year we spent companioned some time ago” his eyes now focused on the box recognizing it as the one he had given her that night in her shop in Ar. “I see you’ve kept the gift all this time Kait” reaching out and taking it from her hands and moving to the table setting it down and turning back to motion her to follow. Continue reading


Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns

Zander turned seeing Kait had stopped along the way, seemingly in conversation with someone he smiled and shook his head having been so focused on the promise of sticky buns and lured by the aroma of fresh baking he slipped inside the small bakery “Something smells delicious in here” he called out listening for a reply or movement from behind the curtains and hearing none. Boldly moving to the table of fresh baking and leaning down inhaling deeply the smells that had lured him inside he scraped his finger across the top of one of the buns lifting it to his lips and licking the sugary goodness. “MMMM” Glancing around again and thinking the proprietor of the bakery must be out delivering her goods as Brooke the baker had done in Ar he reached down and lifted the now damaged bun taking a bite just as his companion slipped inside. Lifting the bun in his hand towards her and trying to speak with a full mouth “Delisos” then motioning to the tray before him for Kait to try.

Kaitlin finally caught up to her companion just before his entry into the shop lured by the smell of fresh baked goods. She looked around the room curiously before focusing on a menu plastered on the wall with prominent pictures of what was available turning her back to her companion. Obviously the owner served high and low caste with the absence of words on the over-sized parchment or perhaps she simply thought the pictures were far more descriptive than a bit of ink scrawl of name and price. She could also of course be illiterate. When her companion spoke she half-turned to him curiously as the garbled words were impossible to understand. “What did you say Zander? It’s not as if you have the thick brogue of the citizens of Kaelus but I didn’t understand you at all.” She laughed loudly when she solved the mystery of why his clear and distinct Arian accent had been unintelligible, “From High Builder to bread thief. You have fallen low companion.” Continue reading

Wine And An Appeal

Wine and an Appeal

Kaitlin smoothed her skirts nervously with her free hand holding the Cosian ta wine bottle carefully in the other. Taking a deep breath she stepped forward and announced herself to the Regent’s guards. “I’m not expected but could you please inform the Regent that lady Kait of Ar would like an audience?” Despite phrasing the words as a question it was clear from the imperious tone she not only expected them to act quickly but she also was confident she would be admitted.

Theoden would look up from his scrolls as he would oversee debriefings of the Hochburgian attack earlier from the Hand as well as other reports of their forces being repelled at an earlier advance. Of course, all this drew a dark cloud over Theoden, as if it were raining always upon his head, for now , at least. It did not help him in the least to alleviate his now brooding nature. His eyes were rather disappointed mostly going over the reports… as well as being anxious about raising the high taxes and broaching the topic with the financial network of Kaelus, namely, Xamirus the banker and Erasthenes the treasurer. It was then a guard came into the room from the door ways and announced the unannounced arrival of Lady Kait. “Really, what could she want?” he looked up a tad annoyed, really more propelled by the lingering issues over his head than really any distaste at the woman. He would not send her home; the woman, though perhaps rather touchy the last time she spoke to her, was still the woman who had fixed him up years and years ago… and the companion of Zander. “Let her in.” he grunted, as the guardsman made his way back to the door and opened it up for the lady to walk inside. Continue reading

Things To Like About Kaelus

Things to like about Kaelus


Zander led Kait around the new apartment still a little shocked himself at the resignation of Berethin “This apartment is one of the perks of my appointment to the High Builder position, there is plenty of room here compared the cozy two room apartment we were in and I’ve arranged to have all our belongings brought here” wandering around the rooms not entirely happy with some of the decor choices of his predecessor “I do think it will be a wonderful home once we put our tastes to the decor…..tell me Kait what do you think?”

Kait turned first one way and then the other taking in the luxuriousness of the space despite the color choices. “Do you really want to speak about decorating choices or would you rather focus on why the First in caste decided to high-tail it out of the city in the direction of the wagons that litter the area beyond the walls. I find that a far more fitting conversation since your appointment is yet another oddity. What if the mans job was hell and the city is falling down around us?”

Zander pondered her question for a few ihn then his eyes meeting hers he spoke confidently “I have completed a large amount of the work here in the city since my arrival…sure Berethin was the head of Caste but the only thing that will change now is I no longer have to report daily to him, “Smiling as he finished speaking his gaze drawn to the hideous wall covering he offered “I have no idea what drove the former Head Builder to the wagons, he is Alar perhaps that had something to do with his decision I never spoke with him prior to his departure Kait….only he knows the answer to that question” Continue reading

Dren And Brielle Get Aquainted

Dren Meets Brielle


Dren Bernard grumbles ” the answer is ‘not likely’ who ever you are.” he then looks up and stands “kait” he says.

Kait held the bundle so close to her that her daughter begin to wiggle in protest as she neared the door with her guards shadowing every step. She smiled as her brother greeted her seeming to have missed the significance of the load she carried. “Greetings Dren. Not exactly Ar but I suppose it suits you.”

Dren Bernard looks at her bundle of squirm and stares at it for just under uncomfortable time, “Brielle” he says … He then looks up raising his eyebrows as he scans his workroom “not Ar indeed, tell me sister dear, what do you think of the decorating? Is it all condusive to roping in my potential patients?” He then looks back at the child in her arms.

Kait looks from one boldly painted wall to another before whispering to the babe, “Brielle I present to you Dren Bernard, your uncle. As to the suitability of this place it depends on the mindset of your patients. The paint job is enough to drive a sane person insane so perhaps for the addled few it will have the opposite affect making you instantly effective and the legend of your skill will have them beating a path to your door.” She finished with a smirk and then adjusted the child with a few deft movements to begin nursing her under the cover of the various layers.” Continue reading

Who Said There Would Be A Strike?

Zander Meets the High Builder of Kaelus

Zander (zander.riverstone) nodded to the man in red, “Tal Sir, I am Zander of Ar looking for the Head of the Builders Caste…..a man named Bearathin” glancing around and seeing the sign above the door, “Would you know if he is in”?

Beren Puch (beren.acacia) turns toward the man. “Actually, I am not sure. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually met the man, though I saw him once in a city meeting.” He looks over this Zander a bit. “Zander. I feel like I have heard the name … but no matter,” he shakes his head. “I am Beren, Captain of Kaelus. I will see what I can do to find the man, if possible.” He noted the man was from Ar, and his curiosity got the better of him. “Should I tell Berathin why you seek him, if he asks?”

Kenzumi (quinnlynntessimal) swung the last of the cell gates closed, her gaze following the man in the gold scarf as he circled the arena and began to climb the stairs leading to the Builder’s Hall. She glanced around to make sure her absence wouldn’t be noted, and then followed at a discreet distance, suspecting by his garb that the hall was indeed his destination. As Berathin had left her the open invitation to visit him at any time, now seemed like a most advantageous opportunity. So pleased with herself, she nearly ran into the man she was tailing. Giving him a nod, and then another to the warrior, her long-limbed stride, hindered only by the chain tethering her ankles, she stalked into the Builder’s Hall as if she owned the place. Clearing her throat, her chin lifted with a dignity that could not be stripped from the former free woman, she addressed the Head Builder. “Tal, sir. I hope I am not interrupting?” She drew near, kneeling in his presence as she spoke, minding his recommendation that she up the ante when minding her manners. Continue reading

Zander’s Meeting With The Regent of Kaelus

Meeting Theoden Regent of Ar


Theoden would turn up his head from the desk where he was still trying to figure out what item had been missing from the thief that recently slipped through his office. The Captain of the guards had not gotten back to him on that still. The cloud that was held over Theodens head… the possibility of secret dossiers being stolen and into the hands of his enemies… Theoden was anything but happy. But his head snapped up as he heard a guard that came into the door. “Zander of Ar has arrived.” he announced. Theoden gave a slight nod to the guard. Ah, finally the man has arrived. It brought Theoden some more relief. A solution to solve one problem that had been a thorn at his side. The guard went to the door and let the man in.

Zander (zander.riverstone) had heard the knock at the door and jumped up quickly to answer as to not have his companion and the baby awoken. The journey had taken longer than anticipated and all were exhausted. Hearing the request and following the guards to meet with the Regent it seemed it wouldn’t take long for him to find out the reason for his summons to Kaelus, Entering the room and hearing him announced he nodded to the man he assumed to be Theoden, “Tal Sir, as the man said I am Zander of Ar” moving closer and glancing around the room taking in his new surroundings

Theoden moved his left hand outward. “Come, please follow me. Let’s get into more comfortable settings.” he said, and spoke as he walked. “I trust your travel here was comfortable? Do you and your companion need anything?” he would sit upon the chair as Zander might take his as well. “I am indeed very glad that you are here, as well as your companion. The physicians of Teslik and Sliproot… I owe them.” , but would not go into why. Continue reading